Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Salvaged wood coffee table

When we moved to our new house a couple years ago we decided to just buy two Lack side tables to use as coffee tables. They're cheap (~$8), easy and look okay.

Well we've decided it was time to upgrade to a real coffee table. I saw this Ikea hack on Apartment Therapy a few months ago and we bought the Ikea Vittsjo set. The Vittsjo is a pair of tables that nest and have a glass top to them. That's fine but perhaps too delicate for a family with a 16 month baby. 

Then they sat in the box for months.

Over the long weekend, I found some wood next to a dumpster behind an old hardware store. I put as much as would fit in the car. I got some plywood, 2x4s and six pieces of old pine 1x12s that look like they were used for shelving for the past forty years. 

I thought the shelving wood would look great on our coffee table project.  A couple hours later and we had this. 

I just used some bees wax based wood restorer/cleaner to protect the wood and restore some moisture back into it. As well as some mineral oil --- the same stuff to treat cutting boards. 

The wood has a really nice aged look to it with stains and scratches. On one edge it still says "rain gages" in felt tip pin. A lot of tutorials tell you to make new wood look old by hitting it with a chain, hammer or other tool. No need here. This wood actually has been used for the last few decades. 

We'll get some more small baskets to put on that bottom shelf for Adeline's toys. Now to get to work on the smaller side table...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More garage progress

One wall was left in the garage that I hadn't yet gotten around to. I knew I already had a good amount of storage so didn't want to add cabinets to it. Instead I sketched this out in my projects journal:

The idea was that I'd build a small cabinet with a shelf and put it over the workbench I already made for that wall. Trying to keep a vintage theme, I thought I'd add some chevrons to the door front.

Using scrap pieces of wood I had in the garage I put this thing together in an hour or so and painted it the green color I'm using on the other cabinets. 

I added some family photos from my grandpas, great grandfather and great great grandfathers:

I picked up the deer antlers off of eBay, the American flag is from the thrift store but is actually an Annin flag. Annin is one of the best and oldest flag makers in the USA, the flag the Marines raised on Iwo Jima was an Annin as is the flag Armstrong and Aldrin planted on the moon.

 Still a lot of plans to make the garage more usable, organized and awesome...

Monday, May 20, 2013

What Trailer is Complete?

We are making slow, slow, slow progress on the trailer. We basically have to wait until our budget resets at the beginning of next month. In the meantime, Jeremy has been researching solar panels + wiring which will = our lighting in the trailer. The other thing he did was join a trailer forum and pick their brains about an argument we've been having. We really only want the trailer to sleep in and to get out of bad weather or mosquito craziness.  However, we are also interested in going to trailer rallies too - they look like a lot of fun. I was concerned that if we didn't put back in the sink and stove, we would lose resale value and be laughed out of the trailer rallies. He checked in at the forum, and it turns out that people want to use trailers for the same reason we do and that most people do not actually cook in their trailer, whoo-hoo! We are all on the same page.

Very good news, what trailer would be complete without a set of flamingo tumblers? No trailer! Which is why I picked these up:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Additional trailer photos

First thing we did was to get everything out of the trailer. Next we pulled up the linoleum tile squares. Took the walls and ceiling off and a previous owner had already gone through and installed foam insulation, that's going to save me a bunch of time and money.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We bought a trailer!

It all started when I noticed a medium sized airstream for sale down the street. I drive by it a few times a week and I started thinking about it a lot. How much does it cost? Is it a steal? Does it need a lot of work? Well it's listed for 5K. Probably a decent price considering the size, but it's way to big for our car to pull around. But the seed had been planted. We could get a trailer and then revolutionize the camping experience...we could be....glamping! No more rocks in my back or getting dressed in a vertical position. But I could still sit around a campfire and be close to the ocean and have an affordable vacation - this is ingenious! So I put a bug in Jeremy's ear and described to him my dream, my dream of a new way of camping: a revolution, the perfect hybrid!

We started checking out eBay and Craigslist. Turns out that all old trailers are going to need work, maybe even a lot of work. OK. So since they are all going to need work, why not get the cheapest one we can find? We might have to rip it a part no matter what, so does it make sense to spend several thousand dollars on something that needs to be rebuilt?

There was a trailer on Craigslist listed for $315! But it was in the outskirts of Modesto....but it was so cheap! But the listing made several references to trading Prop 215. What's that? Marijuana. OK. I really didn't want to drive 3 hours to some field in the middle of  nowhere to buy a trailer from someone who was hopefully just a pothead. But, I was seriously considering it. Telling Jeremy to plan for a day off of work so we could drive down there and get it. Luckily he called me that week to tell me he had really good news.

It had occurred to him that Jackson highway, the road he takes to meet my mom twice a week, is full of those rural houses where old junk collects in their yards. Surely it's possible there would be a trailer sitting in one of those yards? Well it was possible, because shortly after that thought, he spotted one! On the way back he slowed down and guess what? There was a for sale sign in the window! A little old lady was selling it because the family members she bought it for, never made the trek out to California.  A few hours later, we were pulling it home with the help of my Dad, because...well, we don't have a hitch, let alone a truck. But that's another story.

Say hello to our new vacation home!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Small projects completed

I got a few small house projects completed this weekend, quite a few I got from Pinterest.

First was this spice rack on the inside of a pantry door. Here's the "pin":

Here's my version: 

Next was this custom utensil insert:

Here's mine:

The next two weren't found on Pinterest. First, I replaced the toilet paper holder in the grey bathroom because a normal sized toilet paper roll wouldnt fit on it and actually spin: 



Lastly, I added a clothes rod to the laundry room so that clothes could be hung up in there that needed to hang dry: 

Monday, February 11, 2013

The kitchen pantry

Nearly from the beginning of moving in, I've been frustrated with our kitchen pantry. It's super narrow and deep. What's worse, whomever built it added this 6 inch "wall" to the right side which makes it even narrower and prevented me from adding pull out drawers. So, like most folks, we use the first 4 inches of shelf space, when we buy new food we shove it in and whatever was there somehow finds its way to the back of the shelf. Rachel forbade me from sharing the oldest out of date food item I found when clearing out the shelves.

Two weeks ago I began disassembling the mini "wall" thinking there must be a logical reason for its existence. Perhaps there was, but after removing it, I haven't figured out what it was.

Here's the breakdown of how it happened:

This pic is after I began getting carried away with demolition --- the door and door frame have already been removed and I've begun to tear off the sheet rock at the bottom of the door jamb:

Stuff hiding behind the wall:

Here's another pic of the wall:

Sheet rock removed, two 2x4's:

2x4's removed, shelf supports removed

Added new spacers to make mounting the ball-bearing drawer slides easier and to space the slides out from the wall so that they'll clear the door trim:

First three drawers made and installed:

Everything put back together, all I need to do now is paint:

Friday, February 8, 2013

The hay is gone!

This no longer exists:

My parents came over on Super Bowl Sunday and my dad spray painted the ceiling in Behr Ultra semi-gloss white. Monday night, I began painting the hay wall a minty color.

Tuesday night after work, I finished painting the kitchen:

For now, were going to leave the tan lower half, were thinking either white or maybe even a grey. Now, the cabinets all need to be painted glossy white. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make old dirty cabinets look worse.