Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We bought a trailer!

It all started when I noticed a medium sized airstream for sale down the street. I drive by it a few times a week and I started thinking about it a lot. How much does it cost? Is it a steal? Does it need a lot of work? Well it's listed for 5K. Probably a decent price considering the size, but it's way to big for our car to pull around. But the seed had been planted. We could get a trailer and then revolutionize the camping experience...we could be....glamping! No more rocks in my back or getting dressed in a vertical position. But I could still sit around a campfire and be close to the ocean and have an affordable vacation - this is ingenious! So I put a bug in Jeremy's ear and described to him my dream, my dream of a new way of camping: a revolution, the perfect hybrid!

We started checking out eBay and Craigslist. Turns out that all old trailers are going to need work, maybe even a lot of work. OK. So since they are all going to need work, why not get the cheapest one we can find? We might have to rip it a part no matter what, so does it make sense to spend several thousand dollars on something that needs to be rebuilt?

There was a trailer on Craigslist listed for $315! But it was in the outskirts of Modesto....but it was so cheap! But the listing made several references to trading Prop 215. What's that? Marijuana. OK. I really didn't want to drive 3 hours to some field in the middle of  nowhere to buy a trailer from someone who was hopefully just a pothead. But, I was seriously considering it. Telling Jeremy to plan for a day off of work so we could drive down there and get it. Luckily he called me that week to tell me he had really good news.

It had occurred to him that Jackson highway, the road he takes to meet my mom twice a week, is full of those rural houses where old junk collects in their yards. Surely it's possible there would be a trailer sitting in one of those yards? Well it was possible, because shortly after that thought, he spotted one! On the way back he slowed down and guess what? There was a for sale sign in the window! A little old lady was selling it because the family members she bought it for, never made the trek out to California.  A few hours later, we were pulling it home with the help of my Dad, because...well, we don't have a hitch, let alone a truck. But that's another story.

Say hello to our new vacation home!

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  1. What an awesome find! Looking forward to see more updates about the trailer.