Monday, May 20, 2013

What Trailer is Complete?

We are making slow, slow, slow progress on the trailer. We basically have to wait until our budget resets at the beginning of next month. In the meantime, Jeremy has been researching solar panels + wiring which will = our lighting in the trailer. The other thing he did was join a trailer forum and pick their brains about an argument we've been having. We really only want the trailer to sleep in and to get out of bad weather or mosquito craziness.  However, we are also interested in going to trailer rallies too - they look like a lot of fun. I was concerned that if we didn't put back in the sink and stove, we would lose resale value and be laughed out of the trailer rallies. He checked in at the forum, and it turns out that people want to use trailers for the same reason we do and that most people do not actually cook in their trailer, whoo-hoo! We are all on the same page.

Very good news, what trailer would be complete without a set of flamingo tumblers? No trailer! Which is why I picked these up:

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