Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Garage part 1

I've intentionally not posted any photos of the garage, mainly because the only thing to see was how messy it is.

Well, it's still pretty messy, but making progress on organizing it.

I've built bin storage in the corner, hung the kayak from the ceiling, have a rack to store most of the bikes and got the first part of the workbech completed.

The cupboards are still mostly empty, so that's good. I have hooked up a stereo system my parents gave me for Christmas, so now I sweat away on the bike trainer with at least some music.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Front room updated

We went to IKEA over the weekend, and got a couch (You'll see that later) as well as new curtains for multiple rooms and a pair of wicker chairs for the front room.

The front room had this wood valance? above the curtains that just wasnt our style. And we wanted to update the curtains as well, which werent our style.


Took the wood valance down (it kind of came crashing down and Rachel had to rush to my rescue):

New curtains on new curtain rod, see the valance out on the porch?

They let a lot more light in, plus you can see the matching wicker chairs:

The Grey Bathroom

Well, we've finally made some good progress on the grey bathroom, enough to post some photos. All we really did was repaint it, but with all of the cabinetry it was a little tougher than most rooms.

Rachel bought the fish prints at HomeGoods and she's planning on filling the sink shelves with blue and clear glass stuff.

Were still planning on getting a new sink and new chrome faucet, but this is pretty good for now:

Monday, May 9, 2011

We have a real bedroom

So not only were we able to get our kitchen table completed this weekend, but also the Master Bedroom! This has been a major project from tearing up the carpet and refinishing the floors to replacing the old window with a non-cracked energy efficient one. As well as some modifications to the closet door, a new light and repainting everything.

It is finally livable! though it still doesnt have a door (that needs to be primed and painted). I was nice to be able to not have to decorate as we still had everything from our bedroom in Boston. 

Kitchen table is done!

Remember that kitchen table we bought awhile back? Mentioned here and here.

We got it for $75, but it was just too short. I raised it three inches as mentioned in the above link before being painted.

My dad painted it for Rachel and I using Kelly Moore Dura-Poxy which is a pretty durable paint for high traffic items. Dura Poxy needs a week or so to cure/harden, so we just moved it back into the kitchen this weekend! If such a thing existed at Crate and Barrel it'd probably be five times the amount we paid.