Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Take a good look, it's not going to look like this much longer:

Outdoor plumbing

On the side of our house, we have these pipes that leaked like crazy. Also, for some reason, the pipe comes up 4 feet then goes back down. Not sure why, perhaps it was so an old person could turn the water on and off without having to bend over? No idea.

I had re-wrapped the pipe in insulation last winter when we had the freezing temps because those pipes are just asking to freeze.

Was going to call a plumber, then decided to tackle it myself. An hour and a half later and it looked like this:

Used brass fittings ---- about every little piece in that photo cost over $10, so total price was around $80 and sore hands! But cheaper than a plumber.

More Garage stuff

So, I was browsing on Craigslist the other day and came across an ad for this: 

The perfect thing to hold all of my screws/bolts/etc. So I called her and she said she still had it and had some other cabinets like it too. She was cleaning out her dad's garage.

So I drove over there. She had two other cabinet units that had these small drawers. I asked her how much she wanted for all three, and she said, well, you know I think they're worth $40.


Got them home and into the garage ----- am going to build a workbench over them I think ---- the small unit might just sit on top and under the cabinets:

Small bin has built in dividers ---- the grey one has removal dividers:

Also, I restored this Wilton vise ---- stamped 12-46 (made in December 1946): 



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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our new nightstands

Rachel and I have been pondering a re-do to our bedroom ---- getting rid of the black and replacing it with cream/white furniture.

To do this, we were going to repaint our current nightstands, maybe get mirrors to place on top, and small brass dangly drawer pulls. Sounds like a lot of work, hence why it's only been discussed.

Until I saw these and Rachel said "I want those!"

Cream, brass drawer pulls and gold mirrored tops. Done.