Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Outdoor living room

Surprisingly, I guess our "winter" is over here in Northern California. Rachel and I are planning on spending more time in our yard this spring and summer. We've talked about converting this circular section of our backyard to a sitting area complete with fire pit and low slung seating. 

A few weeks ago we made it happen.

Dug up all of the slate pavers, removed the roots from underneath, smoothed and graded the area and set them back down. 

Then filled in the gaps with pea gravel. It took around 18 bags of the stuff from Home Depot. We stole the furniture from our front porch, and already had the firepit from a few Christmas' ago. 

I also got some cafe lights from Target on sale that we're going to hang over the area to add some cool lighting, but first I want to upgrade the roof on our old rusty shed.