Thursday, March 17, 2011

Raised the table

So I raised the table 3 inches! Now it's normal table height. The next step is to paint it white.


  1. Did you add a bracket? How did you attached the base to the top?

  2. The table had been screwed and glue by someone before me. So I had to cut the base from the top. The bottom "disk" in the picture was their spacer, and it seemed like it was on there very well. So I left it. I got an oak coach foot from Home Depot for $6 and a 1 x 8 oak board that was a foot long. I screwed 4 x 5" screws down through the oak board, through my new spacer and into their spacer. Then I screwed up through the new oak board into the table's underside. Feels pretty sturdy.