Thursday, March 31, 2011

Front room progress

Rachel insisted we buy this gold geometric mirror from Home Goods a week ago, I was less sure at first, but she was right it looks really cool.

Unfortunately, they only had one gold one and one silver one. We bought the gold and thought we'd pick up another gold one at one of their other stores. Well, we tried their Roseville store, no luck. Rachel's dad looked at the Stockton one, nothing. We looked at a few Ross', nothing. Eventually, we gave up, bought the other silver one and I painted it 2 nights ago.

I was thinking that I'd have to paint both to get them to match well enough, but turns out I did a good enough job that I only have to paint the one.

The biggest pain was masking it all off. This took maybe 45-60 minutes. Then I sprayed it with grey primer, then glass black and then the final gold.

I had tested base colors prior and found that by putting the gold over black, the color came out a little golder, a little richer.

The left mirror looks a little crooked, but it's not: the fireplace is! The print above the mantle is too small we'll replace it with something more fitting in the future. Also, we have plans of painting the coffee table and recovering the chairs.

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