Monday, February 11, 2013

The kitchen pantry

Nearly from the beginning of moving in, I've been frustrated with our kitchen pantry. It's super narrow and deep. What's worse, whomever built it added this 6 inch "wall" to the right side which makes it even narrower and prevented me from adding pull out drawers. So, like most folks, we use the first 4 inches of shelf space, when we buy new food we shove it in and whatever was there somehow finds its way to the back of the shelf. Rachel forbade me from sharing the oldest out of date food item I found when clearing out the shelves.

Two weeks ago I began disassembling the mini "wall" thinking there must be a logical reason for its existence. Perhaps there was, but after removing it, I haven't figured out what it was.

Here's the breakdown of how it happened:

This pic is after I began getting carried away with demolition --- the door and door frame have already been removed and I've begun to tear off the sheet rock at the bottom of the door jamb:

Stuff hiding behind the wall:

Here's another pic of the wall:

Sheet rock removed, two 2x4's:

2x4's removed, shelf supports removed

Added new spacers to make mounting the ball-bearing drawer slides easier and to space the slides out from the wall so that they'll clear the door trim:

First three drawers made and installed:

Everything put back together, all I need to do now is paint:

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