Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Woodland nursery, a beginning

We've begun to actually decorate the baby's nursery in the woodland or "woodsy" theme.

The painted white hutch thing, got some wood grain pattern to the backs of it.

For the wood grain, we were going to use this paper from Paper Source:

But it's not cheap, and shipping nearly doubled the price. note: both Portland and Boston had a Paper Source ----- closest one now is Berkeley.

So instead, wandering the aisles at OSH the other day, we stumbled upon wood grain contact/shelf liner paper for $8:

We were going to use foam core board, but after I saw that it was $3 a sheet and each sheet would do one section ($3 x 5 = $15) I began to rethink and remembered that Home Depot sells jumbo moving boxes. One large moving box later ($1.39) and we had the boards to mount the shelf liner paper to.

Some careful measuring and cutting was all that was left:

Room, before the hutch was finished:

Oh and I also painted the back of the door.

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