Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Is that a new table top? Yes. For the house? No, for the garage!

Started building this garage island a few days ago and used cabinet grade plywood for the top. Last night I put a few coats of stain on it and think it's looking great. Will put a glossy varnish on it once I'm happy with the color, which may be very soon.

More structural support beams will go below as well as a shelf or two. I'll also enclose the entire bottom area and add doors and maybe a low profile drawer or two. Then, things will get painted.

You can see that the island is the same height as the table saw --- not a coincidence. Now, when I rip a large sheet of plywood, the board will be supported by the island.

The plan is to keep this thing clear and clean on top --- void of tools. Instead they'll be stored underneath and I'll pull them out when needed.

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