Monday, August 15, 2011

Cheap Art

Rachel and I have been eyeing original art to place above our mantel in the front room on and have also looked when we went to Goodwills as well but nothing made us want to open our wallets. Well, we went to the Salvation Army on Saturday and saw this large print that did.

At $9 (originally $15 and then 40% off), we couldn't pass it up. It had some of the colors we were shooting for (blues, oranges, pinks).

The oak frame paired with the blue gave it a late 80s early 90s feel. So I took it apart, spray painted the mat white and painted the frame white by hand. White paint is kind of like magic and we think this thing has a much more modern look.

It really helps the room feel more complete (even if we do have our dining table in the middle straddling the coffee table as we paint).

Room before:

Before painting:

Art after painting:

p.s. more on the magic of white paint...



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