Monday, July 11, 2011

New sconce shades

So we hated these country-esque glass shades on our wall sconces in the front room. Upon further research they aren't the standard 3.5" size but rather 2.25". Searching online provided few solutions.

So just change the sconces altogether? Well, the switch for these lights are at the sconce themself -- there is no wall switch that controls both. And finding newer sconces with switches on the sconce itself is difficult (either expensive or the options are uglier). Also we like how the older brass relates to the antiqued gold mirrors. What to do?

We gave up on it.

Until I spotted a glass shade at OSH this weekend that had the narrower base and in a more modern and simple shade. We were looking to spend $50 a sconce to replace them, but ended up paying $5.68 each for these shades! Score.

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