Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My "new" radial arm saw

Saw this DeWalt radial arm saw (model# 1400) on Craigslist yesterday, emailed the seller and it was still available, so went with my parents and picked it up last night. The old man who owned it said he had it for about 35 years and he still had all of the paperwork to go with it. Including a price list of DeWalt items dated 1964, the saw was priced at $279 and the cabinet at $39. I went to dollartimes.com to check what $318 was worth in today's dollars: $1,971.90! This was an expensive saw!

via vintage Popular Mechanics found online from 1964:


  1. Sweet cabinet. I see an aqua green cabinet theme emerging for your garage.

  2. I was thinking that or matching the blueish green of the saw ---- the cabinet was originally that blue color.