Monday, August 13, 2012

Master Bedroom: the DIY headboard

This post isn't about the silver ceiling tile headboard I had made for the Master bedroom about a year ago. Rachel wanted something "softer" ----- figuratively and literally.

We had online headboard shopped and nothing was cheap and I kept saying, "I could make that". For example this Target headboard for $300:

So finally, I got around to making it.

3 2x2's from Home Depot @ $1.87 each ($5.61)
1 4x8 particle board @ $12
1 picture frame wire @ $2.50
1 pack picture frame mounts @ $2.50
2 yards of fabric $13
2 yards of thick batting $15
11 packs of upholstery nails @ $1.30 each ($14.30)

Total cost: $65

For our Queen bed, I made it 67" wide by 41" tall. The frame is pretty simple, then I screwed the sheet of particle board to it. I then used a router around the edges so that the fabric would wrap around a little smoother and make it look less like fabric wrapped around a board. The 2 x 2's give a nice depth and help add to the structure of it.

I mounted the picture frame hardware on the inside of the frame (rather than the back side) so that the hardware wouldn't be against the wall:

So here it is looking pretty decent pre-upholstery nails. The nails took a decent amount of time. I used a straight edge and a pencil to draw a line down the top and each side where I wanted the nails to go to help keep things straight. 

Also, I found by using needle nose pliers to hold the nail part it made things easier ---- the nails are about an inch apart: 

Anyway, here it is: 

Still planned are new matching table lamps and a sunburst mirror over the bed.

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