Friday, May 4, 2012

Our new TV console!

So as mentioned we got this office credenza from the Salvation Army for $25 (it was priced $50 but Saturdays are 50% off days). We went there looking for a TV console, didn't really see anything we loved, but we stayed there and got a little more creative before finally realizing we could make this thing into something fairly awesome. The color of the wood is kind of hard to see past.

I used a circular saw to cut off what acted as the legs, then I added the trim pieces to the front doors. Some new decorative feet and silvery knobs and of course the greyish paint ----- we're beginning to only use Martha Stewart colors from Home Depot ---- you get fewer choices but that's kind of a good thing. In the photo below the piece is on furniture dolly so that I could roll it in and out of the garage. If you look closer, you can also see the unpainted turned feet.

All totalled we spent:
$25 for the credenza
And about $60 for the supplies (paint, wooden feet, knobs)

We bought this last Saturday, so in less than a week, we got a new piece of furniture and we couldn't be happier at how it turned out.

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