Monday, April 9, 2012

Rachel's Office

This is the last room that we haven't touched with the decorating stick. And it showed, here's the perfect "before" photo, this is like rock bottom, hard not to make it any worse right?

Now that life is settling down a bit, we decided to give it a go. We had always thought we'd paint the room in some kind of green:

Then, Rachel saw this room and wanted to use these colors in her office: 

We were thinking, the "spring tip" in the above photo. So we bought some paint samples, then a few more, then a few more, and they never looked right: 

Then, on a whim, Rachel had me get a sample of "Pink Granite":

Every time we've picked colors for a room, we've gone through 4-8 paint samples, and every time we almost settled on a color. Then, we put on a new sample and it's "perfect". This was the case with the pink granite also, a kind of mauve.

The photo doesn't do the color justice; it's a difficult color to photograph, sometimes looking more brown than lavender. I had originally pulled the carpet out of room, then realized it was the perfect drop cloth, thus why it's still in the photo below.

To do list:

  • pull up carpet to see condition of concrete slab underneath
  • tear out tack strips
  • repair holes left by tack strips
  • pick a color
  • paint ceiling
  • paint walls
  • paint baseboards
  • secure internet cable line to the baseboards
  • sand old glue off of floors
  • paint floors white

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