Monday, March 12, 2012

More sideyard progress...

Now that the weather is starting to get nicer, we decided to tackle the sideyard, especially after seeing the quote "the best gift you can give your neighbors is a well kept yard."

I posted back in September about where we left off, here.

This weekend, I tore out the stump, the other living plant on the side (other than the tree). Then, rented a tiller from Home Depot and spent 3+ hours tearing the dirt/grass apart. The tiller made quick work of the area, but it wasn't easy at all; going to feel it tomorrow.

Then we put down some landscape cloth which will help prevent random plants and weeds from popping up in the future. The next step will be buying some drought resistant plants, and some mulch or rock.

Thinking of using something like this for the walkway $2.48 per stone at Home Depot:


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  1. I didn't use the machine, but I'm still feeling it from all the bending over, etc. Am I 30 yet?