Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cheap art, again

If you subscribe to Veranda, Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful, and Martha Stewart Living as well as read the popular home design blogs such as Young House Love, Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge (as we do) you're going to see a few chevron patterns here and there.

Not wanting to be left out of the trend, we found some chevron fabric online for the decent price of around $10 a yard. But then there's another $10 for shipping and handling. Eh. So when we were in Target the other day and saw these chevron napkins, it was like game on.

Rachel wrapped the napkin over a piece of cardstock paper and mounted it in an Ikea frame we had bought a few years ago to decorate her office in Boston. Now, one corner of our massive (both in size and lack of decoration) living room is a little more trendy.

Rachel wanted me to post a better photo:

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