Monday, November 21, 2011

The start of the Xmas lights

Last year, Rachel and I drove and walked through one of the nicer parts of town called the Fab Forties and saw these path lights that looked pretty nice. Basically, they were just large Christmas lights on stakes lighting the path.

I went to Home Depot and got the stakes ($4 for a pack of 25, bought two packs) and Target to get a set of large C9 sized led bulbs ($11 for a pack of 25, bought two).

Before, I installed them, I realized that our pathway was largely overgrown and out of control, so I removed a ton of brush and foliage.

The led lights have a really nice color to them, not blueish. Bonus is that each strand uses 2.4 watts to run compared to standard strand of these sort of lights that uses 175 watts! Heck, even a CFL uses 7-12 watts to run.

We kind of like them enough to leave them up all year! Next up is to add more lights to the gutters, maybe windows and front porch posts as well....

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